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Kim Donnelly

Star Consultant

My Scentsy Story I was introduced to Scentsy back in late 2010 by a friend. She shared the products, opportunity and how the Team she was on was such a support system. I researched the products, bought a warmer and a bar of Luna and was hooked! I was unable to use candles because the smoke & soot triggered my migraines. I’m very sensitive to smells. I started sharing the value of the product, safety over “wicked” candles, and fragrance longevity with family and friends. I was so excited that my home could finally smell amazing and NOT give me a MASSIVE migraine! After 3+ months of using Scentsy, me researching the company and my friend sharing the opportunity with me, I finally took the plunge in Feb 2011. I never intended Scentsy to be a “business” just a way to support my addiction and make a little money for a tank of gas or a nice dinner out. But, it has become so much more than that! I have been able to pay off 3 credit cards, 2 very large medical bills, and occasionally pay my car note, insurance, cell phone bill or just treat my hubby and I to dinner. *June 2012 I got MARRIED!!! We have 2 dogs and he’s the love of my life for sure!* At the end of 2012 I started having some serious health problems which caused me to have to leave the several jobs I had and loved. After 13+ years in the retai worldl (and a few other areas, lol) I had to take a step back. Reevaluate my “Why”… Trying to find a job the past few years has been BRUTAL! Hundreds of interviews, tons of “we’re sorry but we have chosen another candidate” letters, and so much rejection later I decided to change my “Why”. I started passing out samples and booking parties. I started “working” my business as a business. In just a few months I had new recruits, was ROCKING my business. I was now known to my friends and family as “the Scentsy lady”! WOOHOO!!! I made it! I worked so hard for this. I stepped out of my comfort zone, put magnets on my car, started to LIVE Scentsy.  Here’s my NEW meaning of “Why”… I have a team of 10 and it’s growing. I am working my way to earning ANOTHER pay raise, all expense paid trips, being able to make Charitable contributions & so much more!! I am looking forward to helping my team achieve their goals, help them through tough times, share my success & theirs, and celebrate when they achieve their goals! My current goal is to achieve Director by the 2016 Reunion (which just happens to be by 5 YEAR Celebration with Scentsy)!! Scentsy is truly a family. From the team you are on to the corporate office, everyone is helpful, loving, supportive & most of all they have your back. No matter your title or rank, we are all Independent Consultants. **Let me help you become a part of our Scentsy Family!** 2015 UPDATE: **I recently added Velata to my Scentsy Family Business!!** ~Kim Donnelly Star Independent Scentsy Family Consultant 985-377-3531 Find me on Twitter: @Geaux_KD Find me on Instagram: @GeauxKD  

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